Online Auction/Estate Sale

We would like to view the estate with you or your representative and answer all of your questions. Contact us at 864-238-2942 to make an appointment for a free consultation and free estate valuation.

Harris Estate Services provides a range of liquidation services, but primarily conducts online auctions. We are committed to treating each client in a professional and ethical manner. We offer the following:

Commission for total sales is usually between 30-35% depending on the consignor's requirements. Commission is reduced substantially for any individual item that sells for $3000 or greater.

Estate Valuation

As part of our free consultation we also provide a free verbal estimate of the total value of personal property in an estate. The valuation is very helpful for making a decision about the disposition of the personal property.

Estate Written Appraisal

The free valuation is not the same as a written estate appraisal that requires a service charge. Harris Estate Services, LLC provides professional written estate appraisals that meet USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) standards. The written appraisal is based on fair market value and is usually for the purpose of dividing some or all of the personal property among heirs. The appraisal may be applied to one or several items in an estate or to the entire estate.

The types of items we appraise include but are not limited to antiques, collectibles, furniture, autos, art, coins/currency, jewelry/watches, musical instruments, firearms, and residential contents. We do not provide appraisals for insurance, donation or divorce purposes.

An estimate of cost will be provided before we begin a written appraisal. We do not charge a percentage of the property value for a written appraisal. We do not buy any items or estates that we appraise. This ensures a fair and objective appraisal of the client's property. Contact us at 864-238-2942 if you need a written estate appraisal.